[sane-devel] scanner HP 3690

stef stef.dev at free.fr
Thu Sep 16 19:25:59 UTC 2010

Le Thursday 16 September 2010 08:54:31 Hiisi, vous avez écrit :
> > Regards,
> >        Stef
> It doesn't work. Actually I was able to make a few copies of negatives
> but sane works only the first time I start it after reboot and only if
> the scanner also was switched off/turned on again. And I was only able
> to scan in 150 pixels.
> Should I provide some tests for it?


	maybe the HP3690 UTA geometry is slightly different from the 3670 one. 
Could you scan it (150 dpi would be enough) by removing any doc and doing a 
regular color scan ?
	Then could you run xsane with the appended script and scan using the UTA? 
This will create a genesys.log file in the working directory where the script 
is ran. Please send it to me so that I can have an idea of what is going 


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