[sane-devel] Using the Canon DR-2010C driver (scanner is not recognized)

Ori Koren ori at paperact.com
Sat Sep 25 02:41:43 UTC 2010


I compiled and installed the latest sane-backends-1.0.21 and tried to
use it with a Canon DR-2010C scanner,
but the scanner is not recognized (by scanadf -L, or scanimage -L).
sane-find-scanner and lsusb can see the device.

I can see that the scanner is supported and that the code and included
conf files contain the right usb id's (vendor id 0x1083, product id
0x161b) - but the scanner still isn't recognized.

Am I missing some option in one of the config files?
(I don't see a mapping from the usb id's to a device name. maybe
that's what causing my problem? Is the device name read from one of
the conf files or is it somehow read from the device through the usb

I am using an ubuntu 8.04.3. The libusb-0.1-4, libusb-dev versions are
both 2:0.1.12-8


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