[sane-devel] sane - access problem with debian squeeze

postbote2009-debian at yahoo.com postbote2009-debian at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 7 20:08:32 UTC 2011

> Hi,
> > device `pixma:04A91725' is a CANON Canon PIXMA  MP610 multi-function 
> Seeing how your device is an MFP, it's  probably root:lp instead of
> root:scanner due to a change in udev itself  between Lenny and Squeeze.
> In Lenny the scanner group would prevail, in  Squeeze it's the lp group
> that prevails. In Lenny the issue was with printing  to MFPs, in Squeeze
> it's with scanning.
> Two ways to work around  this:
>  - add your user to the lp group
>  - use ConsoleKit and any user  physically logged into the machine
>    (running the X session) will have  access to the scanner
> JB.

Thank you very much - after adding  the user to lp everything worked fine.

I´m just curious - if you´ve got the time and it isn´t too difficult to explain 
- why has the user to be in the group "lp" if in 60-libsane.rules "scanner" is 


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