[sane-devel] Reflecta ProScan 7200

Jan Vleeshouwers j.m.vleeshouwers at tue.nl
Sun Apr 10 22:03:58 UTC 2011

Michael Rickmann <mrickma <at> gwdg.de> writes:

> >
> > allan
> Thank you allan. Your thoughts seem to be rather precise. In the 
> meantime I have tought the PIE backend a bit of USB - just enough to 
> satisfy "scanimage -L" - and something happens. I added the scanner to 
> the PIE configuration files. In addition to USB initialization, I 
> USB-wrapped the SCSI commands READ, WRITE and INQUIRY. That was enough 
> to have the backend identify the scanner, get halfones and calibration 
> info. Under Windows the INQUIRY is done with different sizes and I have 
> not spotted getting halfones or calibration in the Windows logs which I 
> have. Nevertheless the scanner responds. The variable index field of the 
> URBS which we see in the Windows snoops does not seem to have any deeper 
> meaning. In my trials I set it zero. So there is hope.
> If anybody is here who still knows the PIE backend, could you please 
> have a look at 
> http://wwwuser.gwdg.de/~mrickma/sane-proscan-7200/status-110330/output 
> and check whether the values which the backend assumes are probable. The 
> other files in that directory are just for documentation or for somebody 
> to take over when I slow down or give up.
> @Jan Vleeshouwers
> I got a private mail, and I think it was from you. When I wanted to 
> answer I could not find it again, my apologies. I read your account on 
> the logs which you have done. There is a lot of information. I guess it 
> will take a while until we can reproduce that with SANE.
> Regards
> Michael
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Good to hear you are starting to get some response from the scanner. Could you
tell me how you wrapped the SCSI-commands?

I have done a couple of basic scan runs with varying resolutions, and compared
the logs to what SCSI-2 and pie.c have got to say. For a rather detailed update
see http://www.stadspartijeindhoven.nl/jv/DataAnalysis.ods. Your INQUIRY-results
match what I found, but I also see several options not accounted for in the
pie-backend. What is interesting about the INQUIRY-command is that it is issued
repeatedly although it always returns the same information. I haven't been able
to figure out why that is. Might the device driver be trying to find the best
way to communicate with the scanner?
I'm able to interpret many other logged activities as well, but there are still
large holes, especially with respect to SCSI-commands D7, DC and DD.

I'm currently checking where different settings can be traced back in the logs.
With respect to the "color depth" option (8 or 16 bit) in Cyberview, I expected
large differences in log file size but actually there is almost none. It seems
as if Cyberview always requests a depth of 16 bit from the scanner, but
post-processes it to 8 bits afterwards, if asked for.
Changing the "scan mode" option of Cyberview ("Normal" or "Quality") results in
a change in the required-speed byte of the MODE SELECT data. There is not much
information about this setting from PIE/Reflecta, and I also do not know what
speed may have to do with it.

Yours - Jan

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