[sane-devel] regression in 1.0.22: genesys (Medion 6228): blue tone over the picture

stef stef.dev at free.fr
Wed Aug 10 05:00:30 UTC 2011

Le mardi 9 août 2011 23:08:55 Dominik, vous avez écrit :
> please note:
> my normal desktop is a openSUSE 11.4 with sane 1.0.22
> for testing purpose I have a openSUSE 11.3 inside virtualbox with sane
> 1.0.21
> And,
> I added an addition file for 1.0.22:
> First, I renamed ~/.sane/ medion-md5345-model.cal  and then I executed
> the scanimage again.

	Thanks for the data,

	however something went wrong. I suppose the sample command line in my 
mail has been wrapped, and " >scan-1.0.21.pnm " was missing to the command you 
typed. So scanimage exits since it is writing the picture to the terminal. I 
would need you redo the tests with this parameter to get the log of a full 


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