[sane-devel] TPU functionality in epson2-backend.

Martin Zackrisson martin.zackrisson at cmb.gu.se
Thu Dec 1 11:41:25 UTC 2011

> Just for reference, I now have the programming guide for the scanner 
> and it seems that the capability that I'm looking to implement in fact 
> is structured as a second TPU-mode and not a setting in the current 
> TPU mode. So I'll get back to scratch and see if I can push it into 
> TPU 2 instead.

The following changes is ALL that is required for the V700 (or GT-X900 
as it also is called) to implement the full TPU area.
Is there a possibility of getting that into the official epson2 backend?

<         if (e2_model(s, "GT-X800") || e2_model(s, "GT-X900")) {
 >         if (e2_model(s, "GT-X800")) {
<     if (s->lcount < 3 && (e2_model(s, "GT-X800") || e2_model(s, 
"GT-X900"))) {
 >     if (s->lcount < 3 && e2_model(s, "GT-X800")) {


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