[sane-devel] Canon MF8330

Teemu Suikki zuikkis at gmail.com
Sat Dec 3 12:17:04 UTC 2011


I tried scanning smaller area, with

SANE_DEBUG_PIXMA=25 scanimage -l100 -t100 -x50 -y50  --format=tiff
>test.tif 2>debug

And surprisingly it worked! :) Perfect scan. So probably the "full
page" settings are somehow out of bounds, I need to figure that out.

The scanner was "stuck" for maybe 30 seconds after the scan, saying
"scanning" even when the scan had already competed. I noticed that
windows driver always sends cmd_abort_session after scanning; adding
this fixed it on Sane as well.

Anyway, looks very promising now. I updated http://zuik.org/sane/ with
the latest files.


2011/12/3 Teemu Suikki <zuikkis at gmail.com>:
> I now started digging this myself with UsbSnoop. MF8330 really is
> using this 0xd460 instead of 0xd420, as data transfer command.. I
> couldn't find any other big differences.
> I modified pixma_imageclass.c to use d460.. it almost seems to work,
> but there isn't enough data coming from the scanner. For full A4 scan
> at 75dpi, scanner only sends about 65536bytes of data total.. After
> that, scanimage reports:
> [pixma] read_image():reader task closed the pipe:0 bytes received,
> 1683840 bytes expected
> scanimage: sane_read: Error during device I/O
> Why does it say 0 bytes, it's actually 65536?
> Also in the log there are many "empty"  data packets, that are not
> there on windows log:
> [pixma] OUT  T=4.841 len=11
> [pixma]  00000000:d4 60 00 00 00 00 00 00  04 00 06
> [pixma]
> [pixma] IN   T=4.845 len=8
> [pixma]  00000000:06 06 00 00 00 00 00 00
> I have the UsbSnoop.log, sane debug output and the modified source available at:
> http://zuik.org/sane/
> --
> Teemu Suikki
> http://www.ksportfinland.com
> http://www.z-power.fi/

Teemu Suikki

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