[sane-devel] Device Selection

CACook at quantum-sci.com CACook at quantum-sci.com
Thu Dec 8 19:26:26 UTC 2011

On Thursday, December 08, 2011 10:29:16 AM m. allan noah wrote:
> Just disable v4l in dll.conf, and see if that helps.

Thanks, but disabling only v4l still says 'no devices'.  

For some reason XSane does not seem to be looking to saned's port 6566. 

OK there's more to the story:  My saned server is running on Hex, where the scanner is.  I'm using a reverse SSH tunnel to serve 6566 on Droog.  So 6566 appears on Droog as localhost:6566 yet the server is actually on Hex.  For years I've remotely served services like this such as Squid, MythTV, Cups, etc, and they all (still) work.  It is a great secure method.  I am seeing localhost:6566 on Droog, just as I should, and there are no firewall errors.  But XSane is not using it.

Xsane runs fine on Hex, and when I stop saned it can no longer find any devices, so I know XSane is using saned on Hex.  For some reason though, XSane is not finding the server on Droog.

Is there anything I should know about XSane's use of saned?

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