[sane-devel] Device Selection

Olaf Meeuwissen olaf.meeuwissen at avasys.jp
Thu Dec 8 23:36:59 UTC 2011

"m. allan noah" <kitno455 at gmail.com> writes:

> skip xsane for a minute. what about scanimage -L
> allan
> On Thu, Dec 8, 2011 at 2:26 PM,  <CACook at quantum-sci.com> wrote:
>> On Thursday, December 08, 2011 10:29:16 AM m. allan noah wrote:
>>> Just disable v4l in dll.conf, and see if that helps.
>> Thanks, but disabling only v4l still says 'no devices'.

Educated guess: your libsane is really libsane-v4l and not libsane-dll.
Other possibility: /usr/lib/sane is in ld.so.conf which it shouldn't.

Most Linux distributions get these points right these days.  If you've
built from source though, there's a good chance that the first issue is
at play here.  Make sure that you /usr/lib/libsane.so.1.0.22 is the same
as your /usr/lib/sane/libsane-dll.so.1.0.22.

Replace version numbers where appropriate.  Ditto for library locations
(/usr/local/lib, /usr/lib/$arch).

Hope this helps,
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