[sane-devel] MinGW w64 build results

Michael Cronenworth mike at cchtml.com
Fri Dec 16 20:22:49 UTC 2011

MinGW thread time again.

The MinGW world has been split into two trees. The original mingw.org 
tree and the new w64 tree. Fedora, and other distros, are migrating from 
mingw.org to w64. Sane-backends will compile and run under the w64 
environment with a few caveats.

1. The DDK includes are not supposed to be directly used.
    sanei/sanei_scsi.c and tools/sane-find-scanner.c needed the attached 
2. w64 includes additional Windows API headers, which now include 
"usb.h" and this conflicts with the libusb header of the same name. This 
prevents sane from including USB support as sane looks for libusb and 
not the Windows API. For now I renamed the w64 header and used the 
libusb header and the resulting libsane.dll works with my USB scanner in 
Windows. I have not contacted libusb yet, but I feel they need to move 
their header into a libusb/ sub-dir, but this will of course break lots 
of apps. Any suggestions?

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