[sane-devel] Setting up sane for networking Epson RX650 on FreeNAS box

GWmbox gwmbox at gmail.com
Tue Feb 22 01:55:56 UTC 2011

Hi everyone, 'very' new to linux in every way possible.  While I also 
use Ubuntu my predominant PC use is Windows 7 (64 bit) so my Ubuntu use 
is 99% in the GUI side.

I have a FreeNAS box in use which from what I read uses FreeBSD as its 
main OS.  While I was able to set that up and get working please do not 
take that as meaning I have any real grasp on linux or similar as I am a 
complete 'noob' :)

I have no idea at all how to get the sane files installed and working so 
we can network our RX650 printer/scanner via USB, so while I am in the 
initial stages of reading the documentation (which reads like a new 
language) I would like to ask for help on how I would go about setting 
sane up on our FreeNAS box so we can share our scanner and printer please.

My main reason for using sane is the network capabilities of the scanner 
is what we want.  Any advice and suggestions would be appreciated.



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