[sane-devel] [hp5590] PATCH: enhance allowed ADF image height

Manuel mixkeysweis18 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 25 03:15:48 UTC 2011

Thank's, I have 3 Hp scanner 5590
i will try to patch the backend and send to you the debug logs from 5 PC's with Ubuntu and others distros.

Thank's for your support Ilia.

--- On Thu, 24/2/11, Juanito Hunter <tshunter001 at yahoo.com.mx> wrote:

From: Juanito Hunter <tshunter001 at yahoo.com.mx>
Subject: Re: [hp5590] PATCH: enhance allowed ADF image height
To: "sane-devel" <sane-devel at lists.alioth.debian.org>, "Ilia Sotnikov" <hostcc at gmail.com>
Cc: "Manuel" <mixkeysweis18 at yahoo.com>
Date: Thursday, 24 February, 2011, 8:09 PM


I want to try this.  What is the best place to get the source?



--- El jue 24-feb-11, Ilia Sotnikov <hostcc at gmail.com> escribió:

De: Ilia Sotnikov <hostcc at gmail.com>
Asunto: [hp5590] PATCH: enhance allowed ADF image height
A: "sane-devel" <sane-devel at lists.alioth.debian.org>
Cc: "Manuel" <mixkeysweis18 at yahoo.com>, "Juanito Hunter" <tshunter001 at yahoo.com.mx>
Fecha: jueves, 24 de febrero de 2011, 16:49

from what I'm seening (thanks all for bug reports & logs I've
received), ADF maximum height should be hardcoded. At least, I didn't
find any relevant
 place in USB dumps from original Windows driver to
take max ADF height from the device.

Attached is the patch which enhances maximum ADF height to 20''. Why
20"? I don't see any reasons why U-type ADF unit couldn't scan even
that tall paper - let try to find rough edge ;) This change wasn't
committed to GIT yet - let's verify the concept before without
polluting tree with commits. The patch was generated against GIT HEAD
being at ccf58bf516d670ec0c7d4f17b884b21d6eaa7895.

I would like to have volunteers who:
- have access to HP5590 or similar device
- want to experiment
- have spare time to do that

Basically, the process of applying the patch is simple:
- grab source of SANE backends
- unpack them to any directory
- cd to that directory
- apply this patch using 'patch -p1 <  sane-backend-hp5590-adf-height.diff'
- configure && make
- make install to any suitable directory
 (could be default /usr/local
or anything you prefer)
- try to scan from ADF
- report back what maximum height scanner will allow to be set without
facing any error from it

Let me know if anyone needs an assistance here.

Best regards,
 Ilia Sotnikov


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