[sane-devel] hints on getting hp G2410 scanner working with sane

Michael Fothergill mikef20000 at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 9 17:31:03 UTC 2011


Dear Folks,

I bought an HP G2410
scanner.   I haven't tried to install it yet.  I run Debian Lenny

The info in the sane
backends file is as follows:

Backend: genesys

Manufacturer: ScanJet

Interface: USB
USB id 0x03f0/0x0a01  

Status Untested

It seems as though this
scanner isn't as well supported as other hp machines under Linux. 
But there is a proprietary scanner that apparently works on it:




plus more discussions


Is enough to install
sane and xsane ie

aptitude install sane

aptitude install xsane 

or  do I need to
install more packages to get all the library files?

If I use the
proprietary HP2400 driver do I still need to put the extra line in
the .conf directory?  It doesn't look it in these write ups.....

Comments appreciated.

Michael Fothergill 

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