[sane-devel] canon_dr and DR-7090C

m. allan noah kitno455 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 17 11:41:52 UTC 2011

I assume the missing source was also the case with the 1.0.21 driver?

I don't know how to detect if a canon machine has a flatbed, so it
needs to be added to the code. edit backend/canon_dr.c around line
1137, before the test for the 2580, ad these lines:

  else if (strstr (s->model_name,"DR-7090")){
    s->has_flatbed = 1;

Then rebuild and re-install. That should give you flatbed support, but
this will be the first flatbed supported by the backend, so we might
have some more cleanup to do.


On Sun, Jan 16, 2011 at 10:22 PM, Sean Casey <svc at droptail.com> wrote:
> I've started to test the canon-dr backed with my DR-7090C scanner, with
> latest snapshot (libsane-canon.so.1.0.22).  I'm using xsane V.0.997 and
> scanimage V.1.0.21.
> ADF Duplex and ADF Front works fine, as does all of the scanner's supported
> resolutions, and Color/Grey/Halftone/Lineart.
> I'm fortunate that "ADF Front" and "ADF Duplex" is working, but neither
> xsane nor scanimage provides a "Flatbed" option.  I have included a list of
> all scanimage options detected.  There is no flatbed option.
> ==============
> root at borg:/tmp# scanimage --help -d canon_dr:libusb:001:007
> Usage: scanimage [OPTION]...
> Start image acquisition on a scanner device and write image data to
> standard output.
> Parameters are separated by a blank from single-character options (e.g.
> -d epson) and by a "=" from multi-character options (e.g.
> --device-name=epson).
> -d, --device-name=DEVICE   use a given scanner device (e.g. hp:/dev/scanner)
>   --format=pnm|tiff      file format of output file
> -i, --icc-profile=PROFILE  include this ICC profile into TIFF file
> -L, --list-devices         show available scanner devices
> -f, --formatted-device-list=FORMAT similar to -L, but the FORMAT of the
> output
>                          can be specified: %d (device name), %v (vendor),
>                          %m (model), %t (type), %i (index number), and
>                          %n (newline)
> -b, --batch[=FORMAT]       working in batch mode, FORMAT is `out%d.pnm' or
>                          `out%d.tif' by default depending on --format
>   --batch-start=#        page number to start naming files with
>   --batch-count=#        how many pages to scan in batch mode
>   --batch-increment=#    increase page number in filename by #
>   --batch-double         increment page number by two, same as
>                          --batch-increment=2
>   --batch-prompt         ask for pressing a key before scanning a page
>   --accept-md5-only      only accept authorization requests using md5
> -p, --progress             print progress messages
> -n, --dont-scan            only set options, don't actually scan
> -T, --test                 test backend thoroughly
> -h, --help                 display this help message and exit
> -v, --verbose              give even more status messages
> -B, --buffer-size=#        change input buffer size (in kB, default 32)
> -V, --version              print version information
> Options specific to device `canon_dr:libusb:001:007':
>  Standard:
>   --source ADF Front|ADF Duplex [ADF Front]
>       Selects the scan source (such as a document-feeder).
>   --mode Lineart|Halftone|Gray|Color [Lineart]
>       Selects the scan mode (e.g., lineart, monochrome, or color).
>   --resolution 100|150|200|240|300|400|600dpi [600]
>       Sets the resolution of the scanned image.
>  Geometry:
>   -l 0..215.872mm (in steps of 0.0211639) [0]
>       Top-left x position of scan area.
>   -t 0..279.364mm (in steps of 0.0211639) [0]
>       Top-left y position of scan area.
>   -x 0..215.872mm (in steps of 0.0211639) [215.872]
>       Width of scan-area.
>   -y 0..279.364mm (in steps of 0.0211639) [279.364]
>       Height of scan-area.
>   --page-width 0..298.158mm (in steps of 0.0211639) [215.872]
>       Specifies the width of the media.  Required for automatic centering of
>       sheet-fed scans.
>   --page-height 0..431.744mm (in steps of 0.0211639) [279.364]
>       Specifies the height of the media.
>  Enhancement:
>   --brightness -127..127 (in steps of 1) [0]
>       Controls the brightness of the acquired image.
>   --contrast -127..127 (in steps of 1) [0]
>       Controls the contrast of the acquired image.
>   --threshold 0..255 (in steps of 1) [90]
>       Select minimum-brightness to get a white point
>  Advanced:
>   --df-thickness[=(yes|no)] [no]
>       Detect double feeds using thickness sensor
>   --df-length[=(yes|no)] [no]
>       Detect double feeds by comparing document lengths
>   --rollerdeskew[=(yes|no)] [no]
>       Request scanner to correct skewed pages mechanically
>   --swdeskew[=(yes|no)] [no]
>       Request driver to rotate skewed pages digitally
>   --swdespeck 0..9 (in steps of 1) [0]
>       Maximum diameter of lone dots to remove from scan
>   --swcrop[=(yes|no)] [no]
>       Request driver to remove border from pages digitally
>   --stapledetect[=(yes|no)] [no]
>       Request scanner to halt if stapled pages are detected
>   --dropout-front None|Red|Green|Blue|Enhance Red|Enhance Green|Enhance Blue
> [None]
>       One-pass scanners use only one color during gray or binary scanning,
>       useful for colored paper or ink
>   --dropout-back None|Red|Green|Blue|Enhance Red|Enhance Green|Enhance Blue
> [None]
>       One-pass scanners use only one color during gray or binary scanning,
>       useful for colored paper or ink
>   --buffermode[=(yes|no)] [no]
>       Request scanner to read pages async into internal memory
>   --side[=(yes|no)] [no] [read-only]
>       Tells which side (0=front, 1=back) of a duplex scan the next call to
>       sane_read will return.
>  Sensors:
>   --start[=(yes|no)] [no] [hardware]
>       Big green or small 1 button
>   --stop[=(yes|no)] [no] [hardware]
>       Small orange or small 2 button
>   --button-3[=(yes|no)] [no] [hardware]
>       Small 3 button
>   --newfile[=(yes|no)] [no] [hardware]
>       New File button
>   --countonly[=(yes|no)] [no] [hardware]
>       Count Only button
>   --bypassmode[=(yes|no)] [no] [hardware]
>       Bypass Mode button
>   --counter 0..500 (in steps of 1) [0] [hardware]
>       Scan counter
> Type ``scanimage --help -d DEVICE'' to get list of all options for DEVICE.
> List of available devices:
>   canon_dr:libusb:001:007
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