[sane-devel] Troley locked when previewing with HP OfficeJet R45

Patrick Muscat patrick.muscat at gmail.com
Mon Jan 17 12:45:47 UTC 2011


Thank you for your response, I spent some time this week-end on my problem.

Actually, hpoj was not used, I removed it to be sure and nothing changed.
The version of hplip installed is 2.8.6.b-4. I tried to reduce
the preset-area-height but it seems to be calculated somewhere else, the
preview area was only a few pixels high. How can I change this value?

The workaround I found is to make the preview with A5 portrait format, it is
ok for small documents such as 11x15 photos but not enough for common use.

If there is no solution may be I should reinstall hpoj and recompile xsane
with ptal enable. I wonder if there will be conlict with Cups because it
uses hplip for printing. Where are old version of xsane and sane sources?


2011/1/13 m. allan noah <kitno455 at gmail.com>

> I think this scanner is supported by the hplip project's hpaio
> backend. I think hpoj is no longer maintained. Perhaps you could ask
> them, though their website was down the last time I looked.
> allan
> On Thu, Jan 13, 2011 at 9:01 AM, Patrick Muscat
> <patrick.muscat at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I was happy to see xsane speaking with my old HP Office Jet R45 yesterday
> > but there is a problem. When a ask for a preview with A4 format, the
> scanner
> > wants to go further than the maximum and the chariot is locked. I can
> open
> > the scanner and unlock it but it is a bit annoying because the preview
> does
> > not end and xsane need a dirty kill or ^C.
> > I tried different things and noticed that the A5 format is ok, thus I
> think
> > there is something with the preset-area-height. I am wondering what is
> the
> > unit of this value to reduce it a bit in order to scan as much as
> possible
> > without locking the scanner.
> > A last thing! A used the same scanner since many years (I have got it
> since
> > 2003) with xsane and everything was fine (I have got it since 2003). I do
> > not remember the version of xsane and sane I was using because I spent
> some
> > time under Microsoft OS meanwhile. The scanner works well under windows
> with
> > HP drivers.
> > Current platform:
> > - Linux Compaq (T5000) 2.6.26-2-486 #1 Thu Nov 25 01:49:20 UTC 2010 i686
> > GNU/Linux (Debian Lenny)
> > - xsane_0.996-1_i386.deb
> > - sane_1.0.14-7_i386.deb
> > - hpoj_0.91-14_i386.deb (mlc:parport0)
> > Thanks for your work!
> > Pat.
> > PS: I am truly sorry for my self translated English and I apologize.
> Perhaps
> > a french will understand my english better than you...
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