[sane-devel] backend update request: sane-pixma

ibu ☉ ibu at radempa.de
Mon Jul 11 22:19:10 UTC 2011


some hours ago I bought a Canon (0x04a9) Pixma MX360 (0x174d) MFP (USB,
ADF, Specs:
) and while sane-find-scanner does see it (
found USB scanner (vendor=0x04a9 [Canon], product=0x174d [MX360 series])
at libusb:001:003
), it is not recognized by scanimage -L, and it is not yet in the device
list (http://www.sane-project.org/sane-mfgs.html#Z-CANON).

It should be easy to update the pixma backend, since Canon's source
files had almost no changes between version 1.5 and 1.7: I have compared
and seen only few changes. However, some devices have been added, which
are still missing from the SANE device list (cf.

        /* Ver.1.60 */
        { 0x1746,       2,      "MP280 series",
"libcncpmslld370.so" },
        { 0x1747,       2,      "MP495 series",
"libcncpmslld369.so" },
        { 0x1748,       2,      "MG5100 series",
"libcncpmslld373.so" },
        { 0x1749,       2,      "MG5200 series",
"libcncpmslld374.so" },
        { 0x174A,       2,      "MG6100 series",
"libcncpmslld376.so" },
        { 0x174B,       2,      "MG8100 series",
"libcncpmslld377.so" },
        /* Ver.1.70 */
        { 0x174D,       2,      "MX360 series", "libcncpmslld380.so" },
        { 0x174E,       2,      "MX410 series", "libcncpmslld381.so" },
        { 0x174F,       2,      "MX420 series", "libcncpmslld382.so" },
        { 0x1750,       2,      "MX880 series", "libcncpmslld383.so" },

You can find scangearmp-source-1.70-1 here:

I would like to see these devices supported by SANE and I can do testing
with PIXMA MX360.

I have tried adding this line to pixma_mp150.c

DEVICE ("Canon PIXMA MX360", "MX360", MX360_PID, 1200, 638, 1050,

but without success (/usr/local/bin/sane-find-scanner won't find the
device after removing the distro packages and compiling
sane-backends-eb061b2 from the git repository). If you tell me how to
compile and test, then I'm willing to do this. I'm running debian
squeeze and the version of the libsane package is 1.0.21.


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