[sane-devel] Recent NM-1000

Daniel Elm delm at bulletscan.com
Thu Jun 2 15:36:55 UTC 2011

I'd be willing to bet that's a Plustek OpticSlim M12 clone.

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Le mercredi 1 juin 2011 22:52:26 Paul Ericson, vous avez écrit :
> I recently got a NM-1000 mobile scanner. I have not been able to get it
> working under sane. I've attached the output from sane-find-scanner -v -v
> and usb-devices (I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 which has no /proc/bus/usb). The
> scanner wouldn't even show up in lsusb until I modified
> /var/lib/misc/usb.ids. Any thoughts on which sane driver and firmware file
> I should try? (I've tried a couple with no luck) Thanks,
> Paul
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	to help find the exact chip it is, can you run sane-find-scanner
SANE 1.0.22 (just need to compile it and run the freshly compiled sane-find-
scanner from local directory without installing it). The version you used is

older. There is a possibility it is gl124 based.

	Another source of information is using usbsnoop under windows and
send me 
the log generated when scanner is plugged in. I'd be able to check if it is
genesys chip.

	Such scanners are often clones of gt68xx supported scanner. In that
an USB log will also tell it.


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