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Mon Mar 21 21:14:43 UTC 2011

example when the command "scanimage --help" it's executed in the CLI,
usually it outputs the help text but it also gives detailed information
about the scanners that are connected to the system at that time. When it
gets executed by the web interface, it only outputs the help text, nothing
I also tried with a different command, "scanimage -L" when executed in the
CLI it outputs "device `pixma:04A91746_01760E' is a CANON Canon PIXMA MP280
multi-function peripheral", when executed through phpSANE, it only outputs
"device `pixma:04A91746' is a CANON Canon PIXMA MP280 multi-function
peripheral". I'm exporting the necessary paths, but that doesn't help

Any help will be greatly appreciated?


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Hello,<br><br>I know this is the dist list for the SANE project, but maybe =
there is someone out there that uses phpSANE and can help me out. I am tryi=
ng to use this on my QNAP NAS, linux flavour with apache 2 and php 5 suppor=
t, but I keep getting this error message and the resolution field is highli=
ghted in red.<br>

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