[sane-devel] Bug? It takes minutes to save a scan with xsane with very old PCs.

Al Bogner sane at ml093.pinguin.uni.cc
Tue May 24 13:00:15 UTC 2011

I noticed at friends with very old systems (Celeron 1000 and 1300,
512MB RAM, Geforce MX400, SCSI-scanner), that it takes
minutes to an hour, depending on the resolution until a scan is saved.
RAM is 512MB. Both PCs use an uptodate Ubuntu Natty.
The scan itself is fast, depending on the resolution, but below 1
minute, when the scan is saved the cpu goes to 100% and especially Xorg
gets mad with over 90% cpu. Saving of the files finish, 90dpi lasts a
few minutes, higher resolutions can take an hour.

We didn't test other scan-programms than xsane 0.998-1ubuntu1 till now.
Any suggetions?

Saving other files, eg with Libreoffice is "normal"


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