[sane-devel] xsane

stef stef.dev at free.fr
Thu May 26 20:05:28 UTC 2011

Le jeudi 26 mai 2011 21:42:35 Tiago Zaniquelli, vous avez écrit :
> Good Afternoon,
> I have some questions waiting that you can help me.
> I'm new in list.
> The company where I work, development softwares to GED/ECM. We're
> development to Linux and would like to take project XSANE.
> Is it possible?
> How should I proceed? Never developtment to free software but i would like
> to contribute.
> Thank you
> Tiago Zaniquelli


	I think such a question should be directed to XSane's maintainer Oliver 
Rauch .You'll find contact information at http://www.xsane.org/xsane-
contact.html, and XSane's license is explained at http://www.xsane.org/xsane-
license.html .

	Nothing prevents from starting a GPL'ed project from another GPL'ed 
project, provided proper copyrights and credits are given.
	However -depending on the amount and nature of changes you plan- may be 
just proposing patches to Oliver would do it.


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