[sane-devel] [iscan] New release available

Olaf Meeuwissen olaf.meeuwissen at avasys.jp
Fri Nov 11 03:58:51 UTC 2011

Dear all,

A new release of Image Scan! for Linux has been made available at our
website[1].  This release updates both the core and data packages.  For
information on which versions of what packages you need, please see the
FAQ[2] on that topic.

 [1] http://avasys.jp/eng/linux_driver/
 [2] http://avasys.jp/eng/linux_driver/faq/id000651.php

Changes to the epkowa.desc file against the latest version in the git
repository have been attached.  If someone could yet again commit these
to sane-backends that would be appreciated.

Below is a summary of the changes since the last announcement on this
mailing list.

 iscan-2.28.0                                              (2011-10-19)
  * adds support for PCX image output
  * fixes a bug where the LCD display of selected scanners would keep
    displaying a message indicating the device was still scanning

Noteworthy changes to the data package:

 iscan-data-1.12.0                                         (2011-10-13)
  * adds support for the following devices:
    - Artisan 730 Series
    - EP-774A
    - EP-804A
    - EP-804AR
    - EP-804AW
    - Epson Stylus NX230 Series
    - Epson Stylus NX330 Series
    - Epson Stylus NX430 Series
    - Epson Stylus Office BX305FW PLUS
    - Epson Stylus Photo PX730WD Series
    - Epson Stylus SX235W
    - Epson Stylus SX430W Series
    - Epson Stylus SX440W Series
    - Epson Stylus TX230W Series
    - Epson Stylus TX235
    - Epson Stylus TX430W Series
    - Epson Stylus TX435W
    - GT-S55 (requires esci-interpreter-gt-s80)
    - GT-S85 (requires esci-interpreter-gt-s80)
    - PX-1600F
    - PX-404A
    - PX-434A
    - WP-4515
    - WP-4525
    - WP-4535
    - WP-4545
    - WorkForce 435
    - WorkForce 545

Hope this helps,
Olaf Meeuwissen, LPIC-2           FLOSS Engineer -- AVASYS CORPORATION
FSF Associate Member #1962               Help support software freedom

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