[sane-devel] Hello, I am Fedora user using SANE for my DocketPort 685

烏小龜 mimisturtle at gmail.com
Fri Nov 11 09:14:31 UTC 2011

Can I use SANE (scanimage) to get a duplex image from DocketPort 685

i have tried  "scanimage --help -d genesys:libusb:002:017"

it showed messags but i found that
"sensor:" was leaved blank , which meaned it didnt support "duplex" ?

the sane utility was complied by my own
I used sane-backends-1.0.22.tar.gz, libusb-0.1.12.tar.gz

Could you kindly  help me to get  a docketPort 685 duplex-supported sane
utility(scanimage) by modfication of source code or any other ways to
achieve it ?

Thanks a lot~
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