[sane-devel] Hello, I am Fedora user using SANE for my DocketPort 685

烏小龜 mimisturtle at gmail.com
Mon Nov 14 05:52:46 UTC 2011

I am sorry, but -b seems not to solve my problems ><
I want to activate the duplex features of DocketPort 685
(DocketPort 685 is a duplex scanner with two sensors, up and down)
to scan a name card and *get its images of front and back at the same time.*

I've found an article teaching how to activate duplex feature through sane
but it is device-dependent. ( the artcicle is about Canon P-150 scanner)
The original link is here
According to the article , i've done the following steps
1. scanimage -L
    output: device `genesys:libusb:002:003' is a Syscan/Ambir DocketPORT
685 flatbed
2. scanimage --help --device-name canondr:libusb:002:002
    output is in the tail of this mail
 (*the sensor field is blank, and i didnt found any useful option for
enabling duplex features , which means it doesn't support duplex feature?*)

Could anyone kindly tell me that Is there any modification of source code
(I've compiled sane on my own) or any other ways to use duplex feature of
DocketPort 685 through sane ?

Thank you for reading this ><

-------output start-----------------------------------
Usage: scanimage [OPTION]...

Start image acquisition on a scanner device and write image data to
standard output.

Parameters are separated by a blank from single-character options (e.g.
-d epson) and by a "=" from multi-character options (e.g.
-d, --device-name=DEVICE   use a given scanner device (e.g. hp:/dev/scanner)
    --format=pnm|tiff      file format of output file
-i, --icc-profile=PROFILE  include this ICC profile into TIFF file
-L, --list-devices         show available scanner devices
-f, --formatted-device-list=FORMAT similar to -L, but the FORMAT of the
                           can be specified: %d (device name), %v (vendor),
                           %m (model), %t (type), %i (index number), and
                           %n (newline)
-b, --batch[=FORMAT]       working in batch mode, FORMAT is `out%d.pnm' or
                           `out%d.tif' by default depending on --format
    --batch-start=#        page number to start naming files with
    --batch-count=#        how many pages to scan in batch mode
    --batch-increment=#    increase page number in filename by #
    --batch-double         increment page number by two, same as
    --batch-prompt         ask for pressing a key before scanning a page
    --accept-md5-only      only accept authorization requests using md5
-p, --progress             print progress messages
-n, --dont-scan            only set options, don't actually scan
-T, --test                 test backend thoroughly
-A, --all-options          list all available backend options
-h, --help                 display this help message and exit
-v, --verbose              give even more status messages
-B, --buffer-size=#        change input buffer size (in kB, default 32)
-V, --version              print version information
Options specific to device `genesys:libusb:002:003':
  Scan Mode:
    --mode Color|Gray|Lineart [Gray]
        Selects the scan mode (e.g., lineart, monochrome, or color).
    --source Flatbed|Transparency Adapter [inactive]
        Selects the scan source (such as a document-feeder).
    --preview[=(yes|no)] [no]
        Request a preview-quality scan.
    --depth 8|16 [8]
        Number of bits per sample, typical values are 1 for "line-art" and 8
        for multibit scans.
    --resolution 600|300|150|75dpi [300]
        Sets the resolution of the scanned image.
    -l 0..212mm [0]
        Top-left x position of scan area.
    -t 0..500mm [0]
        Top-left y position of scan area.
    -x 0..212mm [212]
        Width of scan-area.
    -y 0..500mm [500]
        Height of scan-area.
    --custom-gamma[=(yes|no)] [no]
        Determines whether a builtin or a custom gamma-table should be used.
    --gamma-table 0..65535,... [inactive]
        Gamma-correction table.  In color mode this option equally affects
        red, green, and blue channels simultaneously (i.e., it is an
        gamma table).
    --red-gamma-table 0..65535,... [inactive]
        Gamma-correction table for the red band.
    --green-gamma-table 0..65535,... [inactive]
        Gamma-correction table for the green band.
    --blue-gamma-table 0..65535,... [inactive]
        Gamma-correction table for the blue band.
    --swdeskew[=(yes|no)] [no]
        Request backend to rotate skewed pages digitally
    --swcrop[=(yes|no)] [no]
        Request backend to remove border from pages digitally
    --swdespeck[=(yes|no)] [no]
        Request backend to remove lone dots digitally
    --despeck 1..9 (in steps of 1) [1]
        Maximum diameter of lone dots to remove from scan
    --lamp-off-time 0..60 [15]
        The lamp will be turned off after the given time (in minutes). A
        of 0 means, that the lamp won't be turned off.
    --threshold 0..100% (in steps of 1) [50]
        Select minimum-brightness to get a white point
    --threshold-curve 0..127 (in steps of 1) [50]
        Dynamic threshold curve, from light to dark, normally 50-65
    --disable-dynamic-lineart[=(yes|no)] [no]
        Disable use of a software adaptive algorithm to generate lineart
        relying instead on hardware lineart.
    --disable-interpolation[=(yes|no)] [no]
        When using high resolutions where the horizontal resolution is
        than the vertical resolution this disables horizontal interpolation.
    --color-filter Red|Green|Blue|None [None]
        When using gray or lineart this option selects the used color.
    --calibrate []
        Start calibration using special sheet
    --clear-calibration []
        Clear calibration cache

Type ``scanimage --help -d DEVICE'' to get list of all options for DEVICE.

List of available devices:

2011/11/11 m. allan noah <kitno455 at gmail.com>

> You need to add the -b argument to scanimage, if you want multiple
> images. See man scanimage for details and other related options.
> allan
> On Fri, Nov 11, 2011 at 4:14 AM, 烏小龜 <mimisturtle at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Can I use SANE (scanimage) to get a duplex image from DocketPort 685
> > i have tried  "scanimage --help -d genesys:libusb:002:017"
> >
> > it showed messags but i found that
> > "sensor:" was leaved blank , which meaned it didnt support "duplex" ?
> >
> > the sane utility was complied by my own
> > I used sane-backends-1.0.22.tar.gz, libusb-0.1.12.tar.gz
> >
> > Could you kindly  help me to get  a docketPort 685 duplex-supported sane
> > utility(scanimage) by modfication of source code or any other ways to
> > achieve it ?
> >
> >
> > Thanks a lot~
> >
> >
> >
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