[sane-devel] TPU functionality in epson2-backend.

Martin Zackrisson martin.zackrisson at cmb.gu.se
Wed Nov 30 13:07:33 UTC 2011

On 11/29/2011 07:09 PM, m. allan noah wrote:
> I would suggest that you NOT start with making options and such.
> Instead, just hard-code the call to set the data in the scanner,
> whenever the tpu is enabled/disabled. Once you have that working, then
> try to make it user selectable.
I switched to that, thanks, but as far as I can see nothing happens.
I don't get DBG to print anything either (I've grep:ed and googled and 
it points me to a non-existing file backend/sanei.h), so I really don't 
know if I've missed something in my code or if the code is not run.
In principle I put my code after the else if, I even as you can see 
tried hard-coding using the standard range in place of the TPU one 
(quoted out) in epson2.c

     } else if (strcmp(TPU_STR, value) == 0) {
         /* enable full size scanning */
         activateOption(s, OPT_UNDEFINEDIMAGESIZE, &dummy);

         esci_set_undefinedimagesize(s, SANE_TRUE);
         s->hw->x_range = &s->hw->x_range;
         s->hw->y_range = &s->hw->y_range;

         /*s->hw->x_range = &s->hw->tpu_x_range;
         s->hw->y_range = &s->hw->tpu_y_range;*/
         s->hw->use_extension = SANE_TRUE;

For completeness, again, below is the esci_set_undefined (tried various 

/* Test implementation of ICAP_UNDEFINEDIMAGESIZE */
esci_set_undefinedimagesize(Epson_Scanner * s, SANE_Bool x)
     SANE_Status status;

     unsigned char handshake[2];
     SANE_Bool params[1];

     DBG(8, "%s: undefinedimagesize = %d\n", __func__, x);

     if (!s->hw->cmd->set_undefinedimagesize) {
         DBG(1, "%s: not supported\n", __func__);
         return SANE_STATUS_GOOD;

     handshake[0] = s->hw->cmd->set_undefinedimagesize[0];
     handshake[1] = s->hw->cmd->set_undefinedimagesize[1];

     DBG(1, "Undefinedimagesize: %s%s set to %d?\t", handshake[0], 
handshake[1], x);
     status = e2_cmd_simple(s, handshake, 2);
     if (status != SANE_STATUS_GOOD)
         return status;
     DBG(1, "It was:%d\n:", status);
     params[0] = x;
     return e2_cmd_simple(s, params, 1);


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