[sane-devel] my 3rd test of genesys hp2400

Bertie Coopersmith bertie at coopersmith.demon.co.uk
Fri Oct 14 15:31:05 UTC 2011

Still trying for colour:
This time, after --help, I tried the command:

scanimage --format=pnm --mode col > img3.pnm

a few times. 

Sometimes it made a bad noise so I did not wish to try
too often. Sometimes it gave an error message. (I dont recall it
exactly but it complained of bad input. and only produced a small
file, and after that it was was not reported by lsusb until the
scanner was re-powered.
Sometimes it produced a file sized about 27MB. - mostly zeros. Opening
that img3.pnm  in Gimp, it was very dark, near black, but some
sign of the image could be seen. Gimp reported dimensions 2598x3510.

I may try going back to the Elcot driver by re-activativating the
hp2400 entry in dll.conf and commenting out the one in genesys.conf.
What do you advise?

Regards, Bertie

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