[sane-devel] genesys run with your debug script

stef stef.dev at free.fr
Mon Oct 17 19:18:55 UTC 2011

Le lundi 17 octobre 2011 17:42:25 Bertie Coopersmith, vous avez écrit :
> It seems that my message consisting of debug output from the script
> you sent to test the new genesys code for hp2400 was bounced
> as being too large. I'm willing to continue trials with that but I
> also would like to know how to go back to the Elcot code which I have
> been using for over two years. I suppose the reason it stopped
> executing was that /usr/bin/scanimage has also been altered.
> Can you confirm that if I edit /etc/sane.d/dll.conf to re-activate
> the hp2400 entry and also comment out the new entry in
> /etc/saned/genesys.conf then I will be back to running the Elcot
> .so files in /usr/lib/sane providing I use appropriate arguments
> in my scanimage command?
> By the way, I did not include attachments for the image files
> produced by the debug script (That would have made for an even
> bigger message.) but I can report that the image is still totally
> black.
> Regards, Bertie Coopersmith


	yes, editing dll.conf will let you choose to run the backend you want. 
You don't need to edit genesys.conf . If the debug log is too big even zipped, 
you can send it directly to me.


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