[sane-devel] Canon CanoScan 9000F - forgotten?

Einar Lygre eilygre at broadpark.no
Wed Oct 19 19:03:48 UTC 2011

In February 2011 shugyo ( Gernot Hassenpflug) wrote in Debian User 
Forums : /The Canoscan 9000F will NOT be in the next SANE minor release 
1.0.22, for which the freeze deadline has already passed./  And /I will 
submit my code to the maintainer to approval hopefully this weekend, and 
report in this thread on developments in regard to adding the code to 
CVS (probably only possible shortly after the release of SANE 1.0.22 in 
CanoScan 9000F is not in the list for supported devices in release 
1.0.22, but nor is it in the list list for devices supported by 
sane-backends-1.0.23git. It is even not mentioned as untested. What 

Einar Lygre

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