[sane-devel] Installing scanbd with full EPSON V200 support on Ubuntu [scanbd]

emmanuel.michel at wanadoo.fr emmanuel.michel at wanadoo.fr
Sun Apr 1 21:47:49 UTC 2012

Hi Wilhelm, Hi everyone,

As promised, this is my post to confirm I completed the install of 
scanbd on Ubuntu with full support of all four buttons of an "EPSON 
Perfection V200 Photo" scanner.

To share my findings, I posted the whole procedure (2 posts) here:


which explains how to patch scanbd with an "EPSON V200" specific 
backend, compile and install it.


which explains scanbd configuration including a nice script offering the 
following functions:
- Single page scan to JPEG
- Instant copy (scan to printer)
- Email creation with JPEG or multi-page PDF attachment
- Multi-page PDF creation
All this using only the scanner front buttons!

Also included is a special udev rule allowing to start xinetd/scanbd 
when the scanner is turned on and stop them when the scanner is turned off.



(PS: As Ubuntu seems to have replaced inetd/xinetd with upstart now, I 
would be glad to start scanbd using upstart. Thanks in advance to those 
who will help me.)

Le 09/02/2012 17:31, emmanuel.michel at wanadoo.fr a écrit :
> Wilhelm
> I promise I'll post to confirm when it'll work. Problem is I'm a Linux
> newbie so I'm slow as I discover a lot of things :-). scanbd is the
> first program I compile (stop laughing please). For now I can confirm I
> patched scanbd to add a scanbuttond backend specific to the Espon v200
> (because as far as I know epkowa backend won't allow me to manage the
> buttons of this scanner), I run it using xinetd, the 4 functions are
> discovered so I'll make my scripts. After that, I'll try to make sure
> saned is ok and better understand some parts of your doc to be sure
> everything is OK. Such as for example the part "If scanbd is running on
> a desktop machine..." which is obscure to me ;-)
> I'm glad to have scanbd as it seems it will end the fight between saned
> and scanbuttond. Thanks for it !
> Bests,
> Emmanuel
> Le 09/02/2012 12:33, Wilhelm a écrit :
>>> In the meantime I'll return to scanbd as I'm about to succeed having all
>>> the 4 buttons working now :-)
>> Are there any issues regarding scanbd?
>> Regards,
>> Wilhelm

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