[sane-devel] Top posting sane?

Michael Talbot-Wilson mtw at view.net.au
Mon Apr 2 04:30:15 UTC 2012

Nearly everyone seems to top post in this list.  May I ask you not
too?  It means that it is pointless to look through posts in a
terminal window, impossible to quickly go though a list of messages,
because what they are all about is out of sight and the reply you are
seeing is meaningless without knowing that.  You have to carry out an
investigation, often paging through and reading a lot that shouldn't
be there, just to see if the message is worth reading anyway.

Please reply to specifics.  Answer each paragraph immediately after
quoting the paragraph, rather that writing something that is supposed
to apply to an entire message or group of messages that can be found
at the end of yours.

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