[sane-devel] Patches for the test backend

Stef stef.dev at free.fr
Wed Apr 11 05:02:39 UTC 2012

Le jeudi 5 avril 2012 21:33:14 Jeffrey Ratcliffe a écrit :
> I would be grateful if someone would commit these two patches for the
> test backend.
> "papersize" adds the "page-width" and "page-height" options available
> in, for instance, fujitsu backends.
> The other is a rework of a previously suggested patch which adds the
> option to send zero-length data. The change to the previously
> submitted version is simply to put the option in a more sensible
> group.
> These patches allowed me to fix bugs in the perl bindings for sane,
> and also in gscan2pdf.
> Regards
> Jeff


	it seems to me that the "read-length-zero" will only work for the first 
read of the first scan. If the frontend keeps the backend dll loaded, the 
option won't work for the next scans. Returning a zero length from sane_read 
must depend on the set blocking mode. See section 4.3.10 of the SANE's 
	Regarding this help text of the option, there isn't any requirement on 
the content of the buffer when a zero length is returned.


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