[sane-devel] Canoscan 9000F (pixma) don't scan with the desired resolution

DemoFreak demofreak at gmx.de
Sun Apr 15 14:17:01 UTC 2012


as I described on sane bugzilla 
already, I'm having problems with my shiny new secondhand scanner ;)

I'm using simple-scan heavily to archive multi-page documents, and regardless 
what resolution I'm configuring the scanner always scans with 600dpi, what is 
way too heavy for archiving letters from tax office ;)

When I try to scan with xsane all seems to be perfect, the resulting images 
are of the expected sizes/resolutions. But scanimage from sane-backends 
package ignores my resolution wishes, too.

So, either I'm doing sth. wrong here, or the --resolution parameter of 
scanimage don't work in combination with sane-pixma from git (as simple-scan 
seems using scanimage internally).

How can I narrow down the problem?

Thanks for reading,


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