[sane-devel] Can I change resolution offerings for Epson V200 Photo scanner?

2cv67 2cv67 at free.fr
Tue Apr 17 12:13:51 UTC 2012

Thanks, Olaf, for your very detailed & obviously competent remarks!
I hope you & Michael Nagel & other experts will produce something 
positive out of all this, which, as a dumb user, is way over my head, of 

On 17/04/12 01:48, Olaf Meeuwissen wrote:
> Care to explain about those negatives? 
Sure (my negatives for Image Scan! for Linux):
Philosophically, I prefer to only introduce stuff into Ubuntu via 
Synaptic Package Manager which does such an unbelievably good job of 
keeping things up to date & dealing with all the dependancies.

Practically, having managed to download & install whatever is required 
from Avasys (Thank you/them very much for providing it!) it has always 
taken a lot of time & effort to get the scanner up & running after every 
upgrade of Image Scan & every upgrade of Ubuntu.
I have numerous long threads on Ubuntu Forum with all the gory details...

When Image Scan is working, then I still have the (minor but persistent) 
irritations mentioned in  1733708 above:
There is no way of changing the default settings (300dpi - Color Photo - 
png - save to home - etc).
I usually want: 150dpi - Color Document - jpg - save to desktop, so this 
means resetting all of them every time.
Hard to believe.
If just that could be changed...
Even with those problems, I still use Image Scan more than other apps 
available to me in Ubuntu.

>> This means I really only have 300/600/1200/2400/4800 as usable values.
> Only if you insist on using the same resolution in *both* directions.
> If you use different resolutions for the X and Y directions, you really
> should make sure they are incorporated in the image's metadata.  If you
> don't, chances are you get weirdly elongated images in one direction.
Sorry, you lost me there.
Obviously (OK - should never say that) if I scan a circle, I want to see 
a circle.
That means, with XSane for instance, the only lowish dpi's which work 
for me are 300x300 & 600x600.
Anything else gives me an ellipse.
I don't know what to make of "make sure they are incorporated in the 
image's metadata"?
And there are no X options between 75 & 300 anyway, which is where I 
would want to be for routine stuff.
I don't care much how the scanner, the backend or the frontend decide to 
split the work, all I want is to be able to select a good compromise 
between image size & visible detail depending on the intended use.

>> 2. Can I do anything to get other values - preferably with same X&  Y,
>> particularly 75/100/150 ?
> You're best bet is probably post-processing of the image with something
> like `convert` for command-line based work (part of the imagemagick and
> graphicsmagick packages) for example, or the GIMP if you prefer a GUI.
That prospect could drive me back to Windows if Image Scan ever 
disappears. ;)
I really, really understand why Ubuntu needs Simple Scan for ordinary users.
But it also needs to work.
I wish it well!

Thanks again for the detailed explanations, Olaf, & thanks to all 
working to get Linux scanning up to speed, hopefully for ordinary users.


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