[sane-devel] HP scanjet 2400

jochen eggert ejochen2000 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 23 04:51:40 UTC 2012

This is about HP scanjet 2400 (the "C" is omitted on the scanner and the
installation CD ?). In the SANE Backends list it is mentioned as
unsupported as well as untested, so it is a bit unclear what the status
is. However, some experiences with the device:

Version 10.04
Kernel Linux 2.6.32-39-generic
Gnome 2.30.2

Toshiba Sattelite Pro

There are actually two problems, one is, that SANE can only be started
as root, that makes it a bit difficult to test the scanner. As far as I
have understood there must be a file which permission I have to change,
but I do not know which file and to what permission. So the first steps
to make scanjet 2400 working were under SANE started as root. What came
out of the bash you can see in attachment bash.txt

Although the scanner has been recognized it will not work, a message
like "Cannot start scanner, invalid argument" appears. I have also
attached a screen shot of the file manager about SANE directory and the
files contained in it. Now help!

Actually I had also problems with this scanner under Windows, they got
solved with XP service pack 2.

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