[sane-devel] LiDE700F development - Snoopy Log

Brian Paavo paavo at benthicscience.com
Fri Apr 27 22:30:10 UTC 2012

G'day SANE folks,

I'm nearly finished with the 2nd version of an underwater environmental 
monitoring device which has grown out of my PhD research.  I built a 
previous version using Windows, but found proprietary problems 
interfered with field use and custom user (student) development.   In 
cooperation with my makerspace friends (project info 
we are making the electronic systems (Arduino based) and software open 
to reciprocate the benefits we've received from the open-source 
community.  The system relies on a modified flatbed scanner 
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sediment_Profile_Imagery).  Our new system 
is based on the Canoscan LiDE700F for a bunch of mechanical reasons and 
we desperately need a driver to operate it from a Raspberry Pi 
(typically a Fedora distro, but others possible).

I've used SnoopyPro 0.22 to log the USB packets while restarting the 
device, previewing the platen, scanning in colour of a 216.0x280.4 mm 
area, then a grey-scale scan.   I'll put it in the SANEDriverDevelopment 
folder of our github repo, (DspaceSPI/SPIScan.git)

This is primarily a research programme, but there is some market (still 
open though) potential if I can provide and incentives to a 
driver-developers.  Can you help me locate interested people?  I"m happy 
to put in whatever grunt work I can, but driver development is new to me.


Brian Paavo, PhD
Benthic Science Limited
595 Brighton Road
Westwood, Dunedin
New Zealand  9035
Telephone/Fax +64-03-481-7899

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