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Mike Wirth mwirth at gmail.com
Tue Aug 14 07:00:47 UTC 2012


Here's a copy of my last msg to Steven about my efforts to do remote
scanning with a Fujitsu fi-4750c (sent a couple weeks ago).

As you can read, I was successful in having the scanner show up remotely on
the client machine, but wasn't able to get the actual scan to occur.  As
mentioned, I suspect a permissions problem somewhere along the chain
between client and host.  Haven't been able to get back to debugging this
yet (too many other projects have priority :-)  If anyone has any
suggestions for me on how to sort this out (e.g., what to look for in the
logs), let me know.

Re Allan's questions, I used the latest versions of SANE components as of
last month.  Scanner is a Fujitsu fi-4750c.  I can "reach it" to select it
in he scanning app on the client (Adobe Acrobat running on Mac OS X, IIRC),
but attempting to commence a scan fails. (Don't remember the specific error
msg; probably timeout).

Steven provided me with some draft how-to instructions on setting up saned
for my SCSI scanner, which were helpful in getting as far as I did.  Once I
sort out the remaining problems :-) I owe him an improved draft.


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Hit a roadblock on net access to my SCSI scanner.  Everything works fine on
the host (i.e., scanimage -L shows the Fujitsu scanner appropriately).
 I've even verified that the saned service is running properly (both by
checking on the host and by doing a port scan on the host from the remote
client).  Firewall is disabled, but I suspect some other permission
settings are not right yet.

Even managed to access a neighbor's network scanner from both Mac OS X and
Ubuntu clients by connecting to their WiFi router.  So I have some
confidence that the problem isn't on the client side.

Will check things over again.  Any hints?

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