[sane-devel] Fwd: canon lide 110 - buttons - don't working :/

Tobias Stoeber tobi at to-st.de
Sun Dec 2 20:17:39 UTC 2012


Am 30.11.2012 07:15, schrieb Wilhelm:
> Am 30.11.2012 02:27, schrieb Tobias Stoeber:
>> Well, I am using a Canon LiDE 200 scanner. Should work similar to your
>> LiDE 110 ... Using it under Ubuntu 10.04 (well, yes it's old ;-) with
>> scanbuttond 0.2.3.
> Well, the old scanbuttond has the disadvantage, that it blocks other
> appliations from scanning at the same time it polls the buttons.
> This is the reason for scanbd being:
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/scanbd/

The only thing I did, was to describe a setup, that I am using 
successfully with my Canon LiDE scanner. Not more. I did not claim, that 
this be the ultimate or whever solution. 8-|

As I am not using saned, I've never experienced problems ....

Furthermore scanbuttond came / comes with most distributions, with a 
small modification, I've a package that smotthly installs or deinstalls, 
without leaving me to clean somethin manually from /usr/local or /opt....

I'll habe a look at scanbd, but for now I don't see much, that makes the 
working solution any better. ;-)

>> [....]
>> static char* usb_device_descriptions[NUM_SUPPORTED_USB_DEVICES][2] = {
> Please change the dimension also to 3 or use NUM_SUPPORTED_USB_DEVICES!

Why should I unnecessarily change the (second) dimension? It doesn't 
change while adding additional scanner models. And the first dimension 
already uses NUM_SUPPORTED_USB_DEVICES! (This is just code, that exists 
in scannerbuttond.).

Cheers, Tobias

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