[sane-devel] scanbd with a Canon DR-2010C

Rien Broekstra rien at rename-it.nl
Wed Dec 5 14:08:51 UTC 2012

Op 12/5/12 11:21 AM, Wilhelm schreef:

>> Once the scanner is recognized by scanbd, do I need to do anything else
>> to make it at least detect button presses? It recognizes scanner options
>> but pressing a button doesnt yield much:
> please install an action for a button-option e.g. button-3

Hello Wilhelm,

Great work on scanbd! It was a little difficult to set up, since I was a 
complete sane-noob, but after a few hours my embedded linuxdevice 
executes scripts as a reaction on the scanner buttons, while sane can 
access it through net backend. Neat!

One small suggestion for improvement: The debian start script in 1.2.1 
hardcodes the SANE_CONFIG_DIR environment variable, resulting in scanbd 
not working if executed from the init script if the scanbd configuration 
is installed anywhere else than in the hardcoded location.

I'd suggest reading environment variables from /etc/default/scanbd, and 
(only) setting the default if none is set there.

Thanks for the support!

Rien Broekstra
T: +31 53 7503014
E: rien at rename-it.nl

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