[sane-devel] cannon 9000f scanner

rod Boudreaux rodboudreaux at comcast.net
Fri Jul 13 21:01:49 UTC 2012

about a year ago I was on a team that developed a backend for the cannon
9000f scanner. It was submitted to Sane at that time. I checked on it
six months ago and was informed that it would be review as soon a the
person got back from vacation. it has not been added to the package nor
have I heard from any one. 

I have a copy of the dev version of the backend and have the scanner
working on my computer running UBUNTU o/s as root. I can't be sure it is
the version sent in. I was not the team leader he was in japan and I
haven't heard from him since the sunomi.

I would be willing to help in any way but did not follow the process
after we got it fully working. 

If you need the copy  I have of the working backend  please let me know
who to send it to.


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