[sane-devel] Bypassing calibration in CanoScan LiDE 110

Anton Marrast a.marrast at gmail.com
Sun Jul 22 16:40:57 UTC 2012

I've found this old message about bypassing calibration in LiDE 60

I've tried to change genesys sourcecode but it's really different now
comparing to 2008 version.
The thing is that i need to make my scanner work with scannerlamp off (with
the lens tray and transparent plastic light transmitter are removed). Where
should i alter genesys sourcecodes?

It's actually worked pretty fine with modified LiDE 110 using scanimage but
last three days, all the scans become messed up with extremely colouful
stripes (in color mode, and grey ones in grayscale). I've changed the
scanning sensor of the scanner (from another LiDE 110) and then compared
the scans – the stripes were totally identical, so it isn't the sensor.
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