[sane-devel] Newbie questions

clydes at TheWorld.com clydes at TheWorld.com
Mon Jul 23 23:56:22 UTC 2012

Hello all,

Pardon me if I start out a little rough around the edges, but here goes.

I'd like to write a back end for the HP 4670 scanner which is currently
not supported.

Attached is the output from the find scanners command.

I am not a strong programmer, but rather and embedded hardware designer,
but know my way around C and am willing to give this a go. (I've written
thousands of lines of assembler for just about every micro and a ton of
FORTRAN putting myself through college.  There, I just dated myself!)

If I am successful in this endeavour, I can finally kiss Windows good bye
once and for all. The only reason I boot it any more is to use the

My questions to the group are:

1.) Anyone out there started this effort on this scanner?
2.) I believe the scanner is high level, so I am wondering if there is a
back end template to start from
3.) Is there material I need to read to smarten up (read-mes, tutorials,
web stuff, etc. on how these things work?
4.) If anyone has friendly advice on how best to get started and tips on
etiquette here, I am all ears.

Boston Metro Area

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