[sane-devel] Linux-update: scanner no more recognized

Stef stef.dev at free.fr
Sat Jul 28 08:38:20 UTC 2012

On 27/07/2012 22:09, M.B. Schiekel wrote:
> Am 27.07.2012 21:46, schrieb Stef:
>>      the "libusb:error [op_set_configuration] failed, error -1 errno 110"
>> is what I expected. I suppose 'dmesg' will show some kernel messages
>> about an usb error.
>>      I have met this error sometimes on my main machine. I remember I
>> changing the libusb version used to compiled SANE to work around this
>> problem. Currently, with a 3.4.4 kernel and libusb-1.0 (not the old
>> libusb-0.12 and not the compat layer), things are working.
>>      What is your kernel version, and what are the library used by SANE
>> on your system ?
>> Regards,
>>      Stef
> Hallo Stef,
> kernel-default-3.1.10-1.16.1.i586
> libusb: 1.0.8-9.1.2
> libusb 1.0 Compatibility Library for libusb-0.1: 0.1.13-14.1.2
> Thank you very much.
> Kind regards,
> bernhard

     the first thing I would try would be to compile SANE with the 
"opposite" version of libusb. If 'ldd libsane-umax1220u.so' shows it is 
linked against "libusb 1.0 Compatibility Library for libusb-0.1", I 
would try to compile with libusb-1.0 by giving the '--enable-libusb_1_0' 
option to configure. If it is the other way round, I'd configure without it.
     You can compile and test 'locally' (ie no 'make install') by doing 
'export LD_PRELOAD=.libs/libsane-umax1220u.so' and then run scanimage 
from the 'sane-backends/backend' source directory.
     If switching libusb doesn't help, I'm afraid you'll have to test 
either an older kernel, or a newer one. I'm not seeing this issue on a 
3.4.1 32bits kernel (with USB3 support enabled).


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