[sane-devel] Network backend and lineart mode

Aleksandr Dezhin me at dezhin.net
Mon Jul 30 14:14:15 UTC 2012

On 07/30/2012 02:47 PM, Aleksandr Dezhin wrote:
> On 07/29/2012 10:35 AM, stef wrote:
>> Le 29/07/2012 08:22, Aleksandr Dezhin a écrit :
>>> On 07/28/2012 12:46 PM, Stef wrote:
>>>> On 27/07/2012 23:25, Aleksandr Dezhin wrote:
>>>>> Dear developers,
>>>>> I am trying to develop another web-based interface for sane. Faced 
>>>>> with a problem, and do not know how to avoid it or solve it.
>>>>> I have Canon LiDE 210 scanner, it works fine with genesys backend. 
>>>>> Locally scanimage works in all modes: color, gray, lineart. 
>>>>> However, if I scan through the network using net backend, it stops 
>>>>> work in lineart mode.SANE version is 1.0.22, device connected to 
>>>>> 32-bit OS Thinstation 5.1 (sane build from sources), client where 
>>>>> I strart scanimage - 64-bit Ubuntu 12.04. Results 
>>>>> SANE_DEBUG_GENESYS I'll send - as soon as I get to the device. By 
>>>>> the way, is there a simple way to capture stderr, if saned used 
>>>>> together with xinetd? Today I tried the same (but both 64-bit 
>>>>> Ubuntu)  thing with a another scanner (HPLIP backend) - lineart 
>>>>> mode works.
>>     I expect saned is exposing a bug in the genesys backend for the 
>> settings you use, surely some issue with the amount of bytes to send. 
>> I remember fixing such a bug for lide100/200 after 1.0.22 release, 
>> but this may be another one. 
> Seems I should try trunk version.
I tried the git version (on "server" side), lineart mode does not work 
without disable-dymanic-lineart=yes.

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