[sane-devel] How to read scan count (hp5590)?

Matti Viljanen matti.viljanen at wippies.com
Wed Jun 13 14:17:45 UTC 2012


For a few days I've tried to extend scanbuttond to include also the 
value that's displayed in the little LCD panel in my HP ScanJet 5590
(by making scanbuttond run the script with one more arg). Does anyone 
know how it's supposed to be read?

According to sane backend 'hp5590' source, the devices EEPROM must be 
read. Comparing with reading button status, how different an operation 
this is? All I get is usbfs error lines (ret -110 --> timeout) although 
I believe the code is identical...

Has anyone actually gotten the value out correctly?
Matti Viljanen
matti.viljanen at wippies.com

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