[sane-devel] Acer-Peripherals 6698 0UE

Roelof 'Ben' Kusters web at bentrein.com
Thu Jun 14 12:47:21 UTC 2012

Hi There,

I own a flatbed scanner as old as time itself - well, as for my computer  
that certainly is the case. It has a proud sticker "Get ready for Windows  
98". I also, to my pleasant surprise, still have the firmware, and I  
happen to run Fedora 17 with SimpleScan v. 3.4.1. The scanner is as in the  
subject: Acer-Peripherals 6698-0UE.
In the BIN folder of the firmware, there are about seven files which under  
Fedora 15, I copy/pasted into /usr/share/sane/snapscan - and linked under  
the firmware section of snapscan.conf. The scanner worked perfectly fine.
I've recently upgraded to Fedora 17, and created the same setup, but the  
scanner refuses to respond properly. It starts buzzing, whirring, and then  
stops - returning the message in SimpleScan: "Can not connect to scanner.  
Select another scanner?"

I am thinking myself that one of those seven firmware files is the right  
one, but simplescan is accessing the wrong one instead. However, when I  
remove lines from snapscan.conf, nothing seems to happen/change. I'm  
wondering, does it require log-out/reboot to clear the SANE/SimpleScan  
cache and make it look for new guidelines for the firmware?

Does anyone have another (good) solution for my predicament? I'm kind of  
depending on this scanner - and having had it working for so long, I'm  
kind of fond of keeping it...


Roelof Kusters
aka Ben

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