[sane-devel] CanonScan 2700 Segmentation Failure. Fixed

Gautier Andreotti gautier.andreotti at gmail.com
Fri Mar 16 03:48:40 UTC 2012

Hi, this may help
I have a Canoscan 2700F (also detected as Canon IX2715C), running Ubuntu
11.04 (natty) on an Athlon 64 Bits. The scanner is attached to an Adaptec
AHA-2920C (14th years old but still green), I also tried with an Advansys
ABP 9030/40. I got the infamous "Segmentation Failure" message when trying
to run Xsane or others. After many hours checking everything and more to
fix the issue, I found a dead stupid "fix". It is just about how you start
(power on) the scanner and the scanning application. So this is my

   1. Power on the scanner
   2. Power on the PC. Don't worry if the SCSI bios tell you that the
   device is not ready. The SCSI adapter is expecting a much faster device as
   a disk not a scanner that takes about 35 seconds to identify itself.
   Nevertheless on the Advansys adapter I had to increase the device detection
   time-out (to 35 seconds) in the adapter bios. I guess you also have to
   switch on the support for removable storage device (normally "on" by
   default, but check)
   3. Now is the silly trick. *Remove the film tray from the scanner*.
   Switch off the scanner, and switch it back on.
   4. Start xsane. Ttry a second time if it is still not starting.

As far I understand it is because when you power-on the scanner it
automatically starts a calibration routine, that failed if the film tray is
inserted. As a general rule remember these are slow devices compared to a
disk, so be patient and if something is wrong think about anything related
to a "time out" trigger (this is why you may have to start xsane a second

Hope this helps.

(forget about Windows XP or 7, it is very unstable with XP and I can't find
the drivers for Windows 7)

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