[sane-devel] Localization

Yuri Chornoivan yurchor at ukr.net
Thu Oct 4 11:14:08 UTC 2012

Thu, 04 Oct 2012 09:34:24 +0300 було написано Ganapati Hegde  
<ganapati.hegde at celstream.com>:

> Hi ,
>  I am looking for Korean language localization in sane backend. I think
> it doesn't support Korean language.
> I tried to add some Korean strings and followed README file steps. But
> not able to edit existing (lang.po) files and add new files.
> I am using fedora16 and VI editor. Please let me know is it editor issue
> which could not translate utf8 encoding or  any other issue?
> Regards
> Ganapati Hegde


This can be caused by some problems with po.vim plugin. Gettext system  
supports Korean so it is impossible that sane-backends does not. ;)

The instructions from "Translators: I want to add a new language" in  
README works here as expected.

You can try some specialized PO editor like Virtaal (Gtk-based) or  
Lokalize (Qt-based) as they use translation memory and can save your time  

Hope this helps.

Best regards,

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