[sane-devel] Fail to build sane-backends ( PIXMA 3100 Series )

Rolf Bensch rolf at bensch-online.de
Mon Apr 8 20:19:14 UTC 2013

Hi Matt,

Am 08.04.2013 18:10, schrieb Matt Fields:
> Hi guys.
> I'm trying to build sane-backends to get my Canon PIXMA 3100 series
> working. I am able to use Canon's included scanner program, but it's
> not the greatest. Would like to get xsane / gscan working.
> I am unable to build sane-backends successfully. 
> Here's the log from the configure step / make-file: 
> I'm new to building/compiling.  Any help? Thanks.
>  $ ./configure --prefix=/usr BACKENDS=PIXMA --sysconfdir=/etc
> --localstatedir=/var

PIXMA must be lower-case.

I usually use this command:

$ BACKENDS="pixma" ./configure

and do a parallel installation to the system's sane-backend as described
in README.linux.


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