[sane-devel] plustek backend - "lamp-switch" option

Alexander Hofmann alexander.hofmann at new-h.de
Sun Apr 14 14:03:49 UTC 2013

Hi, there.

I'm currently playing around with the SANE API. When listing all options
available for my scanner (Canon N670U a.k.a LiDE 20) I noticed an option
called "lamp-switch". It provides a description saying it's for
"Manually switching the lamp(s).".

Does that mean that the scanner supports scanning with the lamps off?
(e.g. to scan negatives)?

If so, how should I use that option?

I tried setting it to 1 just bevore starting the scan, but I didn't see
any changes.

Also, is there any comprehensive documentation about the various options
each backand provieds? I checked the manpages, but the "lamp-switch"
option doesn't seem to be documented there.

Thanks in advance,

Alexander Hofmann

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