[sane-devel] Proposal: Change IRC Topic

Michael Nagel ubuntu at nailor.devzero.de
Mon Apr 15 11:18:59 UTC 2013

Hi there,

>> In this spirit I propose the following really simple change to the IRC Topic:
>     looks fine to me. But none of us is owner of this channel. One has to find the admin of the IRC channel.

I asked on #freenode and there is no "operator" at this point.
This can be determined by messaging ChanServ as follows:

(13:08:10) nailora: access #sane list
(13:08:10) ChanServ: (notice) Entry Nickname/Host          Flags
(13:08:10) ChanServ: (notice) ----- ---------------------- -----
(13:08:10) ChanServ: (notice) 1     freenode-staff         +AFORfiorstv [modified 3 years, 44 weeks, 1 day, 01:58:40 ago]
(13:08:11) ChanServ: (notice) ----- ---------------------- -----
(13:08:11) ChanServ: (notice) End of #sane FLAGS listing.

#freenode says to claim the channel, the following has to happen:

(13:04:32) Dreadwing: seems like you can only claim ##sane, the # one can be claimed by project staff only, see http://freenode.net/policy.shtml#channelnaming
(13:06:06) nailora: Dreadwing: lets talk the #sane case. so if a sane project leader with a registered freenode nick comes here, he can be made operator? is this the correct way to proceed?
(13:06:36) Dreadwing: they will be able to get a channel registered and assign other people as operators, at their discretion.
(13:07:13) Dreadwing: it doesn't necessarily have to be project leader, any official rep will do, me thinks.

So an official "sane rep" volunteering to be channel operator should contact the freenode staff to become operator.
Operators can change the topic.

Best Regards

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