[sane-devel] plustek backend - "lamp-switch" option

Gerhard Jäger gerhard at gjaeger.de
Fri Apr 19 06:09:30 UTC 2013


On Thursday 18 April 2013 22:32:51 Alexander Hofmann wrote:
> Hi,
> Am 16.04.2013 08:24, schrieb Gerhard Jäger:
> > Regarding writing a backend, this one could be a starting point
> > http://www.sane-project.org/backend-writing.txt
> That one helped me out: I was able to add a new option, "dark-scan" to
> the plustek backend, that causes the driver to switch of the lampes the
> moment the scan begins. It works like a charm - digitizing old S/W
> negatives works, and so does scanning pictures projected by "scanner
> cameras". As the scanner is recording red, green and blue channels one
> by one, color's not possible of course, except with using filters and
> scanning the image thrice, witch might produce some interesting results
> when using IR, I've yet to check that.
> If there's interest in the change, I could try to provide a patch,
> although I'm not very familiar of using git...

give it a try and post the patch for review. I'm also not very 
familiar with git, but it's in fact not that hard to learn...

- Gerhard

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